About Us

Welcome to Saint Clement’s

From the Rector, The Rev’d Richard C. Alton:

We welcome you to St Clement’s Episcopal Church. Our worship is Anglo-Catholic, our music and liturgy traditional – and spectacular. Our growing outreach flows from the Mass, the preaching and teaching of the Gospel, the daily Divine Office. We welcome people of all colors, male & female, straight & gay, single & married with children, rich & poor. So you qualify! No matter who you are, you belong here.

If you want to experience a little of “the beauty of holiness”, the High Mass according to the English Missal gives us a wonderful time to rest in the Lord, praying and praising with all our senses.

If you want friendship and fellowship, come and join our coffee hour, our receptions and special events, our classes, our outreach and Helping Others groups. Whatever your talents, you will be valued.

Your financial support, no matter where you are located, will help us to sustain and grow our congregation, our worship and music, and our ministry and help to those who most need it.  Please give generously, here>>