Friends of Saint Clement’s

Some years ago, the Friends of S. Clement’s was formed. It was meant to keep former members in touch with their old parish and to give well-wishers a chance to contribute to the life of S.Clement’s by their prayers and donations.

We need to make sure that everyone who has known and loved S. Clement’s is asked to be a Friend. Some people live too far away to be regular worshippers here, but who want to have the newsletter and would like to make a yearly thanks offering to God for what S. Clement’s means to them and the benefits they have received.

Every evening after Evensong, Novena prayers are said at the shrine of Our Lady of Clemency, and a section of these prayers remember by name all the Friends of S. Clement’s. Even if the number of friends rises to hundreds (which God grant!) this will mean only a few names every day and it will be a joy to have a continual remembrance of our supporters who are in the land of the living, as well as those who have died in the Faith.

We have a list of those who are already Friends, but would like to add greatly to this and make sure it is up to date.

If you would like to be enrolled as a Friend, please email the rector.

Yours in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Fr. Alton