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Saint Clement’s Church is rightly proud of its Anglo-Catholic tradition, and this is most clearly seen in the beautiful, carefully prepared High Mass which is offered Sunday by Sunday. But, as Bishop Frank Weston of Zanzibar said to the great Anglo-Catholic Congress in London in 1923: “You cannot claim to worship Jesus in the Tabernacle, if you do not pity Jesus in the slums”.

This is why it is a vital part of our identity as Anglican Catholics to give ourselves to feeding the hungry, helping those unable to help themselves, caring for the sick.

Throughout S. Clement’s rich history, its leaders and members have been advocates for Philadelphia’s marginalized, through efforts such as working for civil rights and outreach to the neediest in our midst. Our outreach work continues under the leadership of the Practical Services Group (PSG), volunteers who meet regularly to organize service opportunities and oversee parish giving to Episcopal Community Services, mission churches in the Diocese and other outreach programs. Members at S. Clement’s are also active in numerous charitable organizations in our city.

To get involved with the work of the Practical Services Group, e-mail

The Practical Services Group of Saint Clement’s is one way for our members and friends to fulfill this basic Christian duty.

Gordon Reid


St. Clements musical program raises funds for hungry Philadelphians


We are thankful to the Saint Clement’s choir members who donated their time and considerable talent to the second annual Festival of Carols in Decmeber 2010, and to those who contributed to Saint Clement’s Helping Others campaign by attending.  More than $2,000 was raised, with funds recently given to City Harvest, a program of our partner, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which helps to provide fresh food and market garden opportunties to needy Philadlephia families.


Volunteer & Giving Opportunities


Starting in November, DONATE new, unwrapped housewares, clothing and linens to the Christmas gifts for the homebound elderly program of Episcopal Community Services.  Donations will be due in early December, delivered to S. Clement’s.  Sign-up sheets will be available later in the fall in the S. Clement’s nathex or contact the Rector to select your choice of recipients among our region’s homebound elderly.


GIVE non-perishable food items or gently-used clothing for S Clement’s ongoing contributions to S Mary’s Bainbridge Street’s outreach programs for the poor & homeless in South Philadelphia. Donations may be brought to S. Clement’s and will be delivered to S. Mary’s on the first Saturday of each month following 10 a.m. Mass at S. Clement’s.


Helping Others program volunteers assist a Center City homeless shelter by preparing and serving evening meals monthly in the months of November through April.  The Wintershelter program at Trinity Memorial Church in Center City provides a safe, warm place to stay, a good dinner, counseling by a social worker, a bed and breakfast to 22 men for the five coldest months of the year. To join our volunteer group later this fall, email us at    For more information on the Trinity Memorial Wintershelter, visit


HELP in the St. Clement’s Garden.  Volunteers maintain the lovely garden that is an attraction and a place of rest for our parishioners and neighbors near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  If you enjoy digging, planting, pruning and designing, please join us.  Send an e-mail to


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