Pledge Campaign

We are grateful for your support of St Clement’s in past years.

We know you love our church, and that you will want to ensure its future as a place where God is worshiped in the beauty of holiness. To maintain our worship, our teaching and our service to the needy, St Clement’s needs generous givers.

In the coming year, as well as the usual costs of clergy, music, and operations, we will have to continue addressing years of deferred maintainance on our buildings. In order to fill the pews, we must also expand our communications, and money spent on such outreach is never wasted.

So we ask you to join us in pledging a generous sum for the work and witness of St Clement’s in 2015. Think of it as depositing money in the Bank of Heaven! Our Lord said: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. God pays far more interest than any earthly bank!

Ron Emrich & Curt Mangel